Santa Clara School is located in Placilla, Valparaiso.Its activities started underlocalbasica_entrada the direction of the School of Franciscan Sisters in 1997, having as mission to provide Christian education to children from the community under Saint Francis and Saint Claire spirit.The first steps of our school were in a classroom with 28 students, and year by year this project has been growing, becoming in an important educational institution in the area. Our school was created because of the need of the community of Placilla for having a catholic school that in the first year received students from other preschool institutions.

On June 3rd, 1997, Santa Clara School was recognized as an official school, providing elementary education. Later, in 2008, high school activities startedwith 30 students.
Actually, four generations of students have finished their educational process in our classrooms, thanks to an important number of teachers and workers.
Besides the normal curriculum, our school provides extra activities for students like basketball, cheerleading, music, soccer, pastoral, etc.It is very important the pastoral action for students and parents/family, celebrating every year important festivities and actions that are developed by this department.



The unconditional support of parents has contributed to the educational goals proposed by sisters and teachers. Some of the presents given by parents association are the audiovisual room, which has two computer labs for secondary education and basic education and internet, TVs for classrooms, DVDs, Data show,  science lab, library, among other important resources for learning.


Along with give students the normal curriculum, the College allows the realization of diffelocalmedia_entradarent extracurricular activities in workshops such as: Chorus, Science, Basketball, Gymnastics, Soccer, Band, etc.Como Church College, develops a strong pastoral action, both in students as well as the agents, those involved in the celebration of Family Catechesis and ecclesial celebrations own activities..



All the elements described before allow us as institution to do a challenging work, to provide appropriate education to the community of Placilla, under the inspiration of Saint Francis and Saint Claire.We educate women and men connecting faith and culture for constructing a society of PEACE AND JOY